Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm trying

I have tried posting like 4 different times in the last two weeks. I rather get interrupted, well yes I keep getting interrupted. So every time I click my phone off I lose what I wrote. Anyways here's a quick rundown of the last month. Xmas was good and the kids are happy. New years was dull, we went to dinner and was home by nine. I know, we're total losers. And we even had no kids that night. To tell you the truth I just really don't give a flying fuck about new years anymore.

The boys arm is getting better. He got a new shorty cast on yesterday. He's still working out the kink in his elbow from the previous cast. But he's got a lot more freedom now.

Work has been utterly boring. I think it's time for a few days off. Oh Waite I can't go anywhere because fuck face step bastard took and used all out money. Yes I am still and will still be bitching about that for a long time to come.

So we started our "new years diet" as 90% of the population has too. Well we actually resumed eating better after slacking for the last couple months. Damn it's hard, I miss those burgers. Well that's about all that's been happening. I know totally boring huh. Well till next time.

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