Friday, January 20, 2012

The hoarding begins

Since the hubby is in construction he is constantly coming home with various things that we don't need, but end up taking up room in the garage until he decides to clean it out and throw it away. He's a major pack rat. If it wasn't for me living in the same house continually throwing shit away, he would be considered a boarder line hoarder. Our newest venture came on Tuesday. He says I'm going to be late so I have to skip the gym. Fine I say, cause overtime is everything right now. He and his buddy come in hauling a 50 inch flat screen TV. I say "um did you rob an electronics store?" Then they go back out and bring in a 37 inch TV, and a sub woofer. Um OK, now I'm starting to think somethings fishy here. Long story short. An electronics store went out of business. His company was called into the warehouse to do some repairs. The guy said take what you want cause the bank is going to come get whatever was there. So smart people of the store took all the good inventory and left the shit that didn't work for suckers like my husband and his friend to think they are scoring big time. Needless to say the TVs didn't work (shocking) and he is all disappointed. So he says they have TV stands there too. OK seeing as how we need one of those for the den TV grab a nice one since I have the TV sitting on an end table because when we moved in I didnt have anything for that room. Wednesday rolls around and he doesn't bring home just one stand, oh no, that is to logical. He brings home 3. Wtf are we going to do with 3 fucking TV stands? One is in a box and the other two are put together. His favorite is in the box. So he starts putting it together to give me a choice of which one I like better. Hahaha low and behold there are parts missing. Scratch that there was two boxes missing. Yep dumb ass only took 1 of 3 boxes. Well the other two weren't there. So Thursday, I come home and guess what, another TV stand, a TV that "flickers" and some pictures. The pictures are from a restaurant that went out of business. Do you see where the hoarding is happening.  I'm surprised he didn't come home with dishes or pots and pans at the rate he's going.  I can't wait to see what he brings home today. Ugh. I think it might be garage sale time here shortly!  I was hoping he was going to take the TVs that didn't work to the dump truck, but he says no I'm taking it to a TV repair man to see how much its going to cost to fix.  The 50 inch by the way that's still sitting in our living room driving me insane because it doesn't belong there, along with the flickering TV on one of the additional stands in the den sitting opposite of the band new TV that works.  I do not like the house in dissaray.  I dont clean it every weekend for my fucking health!  And I swaer the older I get the more anal retentive I get.

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