Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crazy Changes to Come!

Well I am starting the crazy process of trying to keep my house.  Two Thursdays ago, when I went home sick from work, I was laying in bed half asleep watching TV when my dog started barking her head off.  It scared the shit out of me.  She doesn't usually bark in the house like that and I thought someone was breaking in.  So I jumped out of bed and hear a knock at the door.  I opened it and some guy hands me papers and says I'm going to take a picture of your address.  I closed the door and it was my notice of default on the house ( I knew it was coming because my Aunt who works for a title company called me).  If you have been reading this for a while, you know that we decided to let the house go because of our crap adjustable loan we and millions of other people got suckered into.  And we are so under valued of what we owe, there is no chance we can refinance.  Oh and our credit is now CRAP, thanks to all of this!  Anyways, because I work for a law firm, one of the perks is tons of free legal advice.  YAY for that.  So a couple of the secretary's mentioned a mediation process.  They explained what it was and that it was worth a try considering I really don't want to give the house up.  I mean I bought it so I wouldn't EVER have to move again.  I HATE moving.  And in all honesty, I am prepared to let it go, but I really don't want to.  I got married in that house.  So at their suggestion I went to talk to one of the lawyers who has been doing foreclosure stuff yesterday.  She made me feel a whole lot better about this mediation I am going to try.  This is my last ditch effort.  She said they have been having a high rate of success for people that opt to do it.  So fingers crossed. 

Last Wednesday my car was making this really loud squeaky belt noise.  It's been there for a while, but it didn't bother me all that much.  Hey it's 11 years old, and a piece of shit.  But it wont die so I can get a new one.  So I will run it into the ground.  Damn Nissan's.  The squeak got considerably loud and annoying so I asked the hubby to spray some belt lube on it or something to get it to stop.  Well, that was NOT a good idea.  For an hour I heard him screaming at the top of his lungs in the driveway " MOTHER FUCKER"  "FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT"  "I FUCKING HATE THIS CAR!"  Followed by the sound of the car being reved to the max (I think he was trying to blow it up, yet it still continues to run) then he comes in the house says "don't ever ask me to fix that fucking car ever again"  He shows me his hand, which is caked with grease and belt lube that wont come off and a burn on the palm of his hand.  He says that car is meant to be fixed by tiny Japanese people with little hands, not me.  Takes his keys and leaves.  He was so pissed that he actually had to go drive around for half an hour to calm down.  Oh and he made the squeak worse by the way.

I picked up the girl from latchkey last week and she was sitting on the stage with her head down like she was sick.  I said whats wrong?  That's when the babysitter kid (I don't know what their called) says that a boy punched her in the stomach.  OK, So on our way to the car I said what happened.  She basically picked a fight with the kid, and he punched her.  I said you know, if your going to pick a fight with a boy, you better be prepared to back it up.  Or if he was bothering you walk away and tell the staff kid.  She says what, was I suppose to let him keep kicking me.  I said no you should have told the staff.  She says I told him I wasn't afraid of him.  I said look if he punched you, thats your fault.  That's not right of him to do but antagonizing him isn't either.  So it's all my fault she says.  Yes to a point.  So what am I suppose to do, just let him hit me, I said if your not going to tell the staff, and that happens again then hit him back.  I guarantee he wont do it again.  Yes I know I just told my kid to hit another kid, but this kid does look like a little ass hat.  Even my son was complaining about him.  So far it's been pretty quiet there, I don't think that goes to the after school program anymore.

On Saturday I took the poor dog to the vet.  She had an ear infection, and needed her shots.  This is the first time we went to this vet.  I decided to change cause it was closer to my house.  They were super nice, and I am glad I did it.  The even have a web page that gives me access to all her shot records, meds and I can even schedule appointments.  I swear since we got her as a puppy, she has always had ear infections.  Worse then a kid I tell you, but we love her.  I noticed it 3 days ago, and the Vet said her ear is full of so much gunk she couldn't see her ear drum.  Poor thing.  She was moping the last couple of days but this morning I think she's feeling better, because she was back to her usual self.  The vet did happen to mention laying off the treats cause she was a little overweight. She looks like a suasage she's so fat. But cute!


  1. heya! thanks for following my new/old blog again!!!
    luvs to ya!

  2. Hope the mediation works out! I absolutely ♥ my Nissan, and your husband is right, it is designed for little Chinese people to work on them! Hey I was taught growing up to fight my own battles, as long as I didn't start it I was given permission to finish it. Your dog is cute!

  3. I agree with you. Tell your daughter to kick his ass! I can't stand bullies, I don't care how old they are.

  4. The house things sucks but I'm going through the same thing. The car thing sucks and am also going through the same thing except I'm praying it never breaks down. Not sure about the hitting thing but I do tell my boys if someone else starts it they better finish it, unless it's a girl there is no excuse why a boy should be hitting a girl. I feel your pain about the dog pain, we love our dog but she is way more expensive and way more trouble than my kids! Great blog!

  5. Thank you all for your great comments. The dog is getting better everyday. The girl, we'll see about her. And fingers crossed on the house! And the car!