Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's been a long weekend.

Thursday didn't start off all that great.  I was sitting in bed, having my morning coffee, watching the news and BAM!  Fucking migraine starts.  Which is a total inconvenient time to get one considering I had parent teacher conferences that day.  I got up took some ibuprofen and drank like four cups of coffee (I have had these since I was a teen and the caffeine always seems to ease the pain of them) laid down, called in and put the pillow over my head.  This time it made me really queasy to my stomach, which I get with most of them but this lasted all day.  I relaxed until I had to get up and shower and go meet the teachers.

My sons conference:

The teacher absolutely LOVES him.  She said he is the cutest kid.  HE always listens and is trying really hard learning to read.  He is very strong in math.  He is a little below average in reading but is really working hard at learning.  She had my daughter in first grade and I really liked her then too.  She said when she started teaching first grade 20 years ago he would have been right where he is learning wise.  But seeing as how the school district insists on cramming endless amounts of information to first graders, it puts the regular kids in the below average category.  It is ridiculous.  She said they require her to get through so much stuff that she didn't even have time to go over science this quarter.  Her words exactly to me were "I really have know idea what grade I am teaching at the moment"  That is a sad statement.  Hey lets cut all the school funds down to the bare minimum and require that the kids need to learn more in a short amount of time.  I don't think this is working all that well, but then again, it's public school and it's free.  So unless I can start paying for private school I should probably shut up.

My daughters conference:

I walked into her beatnik teachers classroom and said hi I'm the girls mom.  He says where is the girl, I say at latchkey.  He says well this is a student led conference sooooo, HUH, what the hell is that?  I guess I will go get her.  So I go get her and we go back to the classroom where instead of the teacher going over her progress she goes over it.  OK look I don't want her opinion on how shes doing, I want yours.  She will tell me everything is rainbows and glitter, I WANT THE TRUTH.  Not the sugar coated version.  So after about 5 minutes another parent walks in.  With her kid.  Apparently this is going to be a group activity.  So he heads over to that parent, explains whats going on, and same deal.  So the girl goes over her report card, and other various crap he has in a folder for her.  And wait another parent comes in.  So as the girl is going over some stuff I am listening to the other conference going on.  The teacher is talking with the mom and the mom is telling him how she has a hard time getting her daughter to read every night.  Lady I feel your pain!  Come to think of it out of the four parents including myself, we all had that very same complaint.  I should have started a group discussion.  I really thought about it but seeing as how my stomach was turning in a bad direction I decided to keep my trap shut.  So the teacher after hoping from table to table, makes his way back to ours and says do you have any questions.  YES buddy I actually do.  After he informed me that she has to read 4 AR (accelerated reading) this quarter.  I was like OK what the hell are these books.  I looked up the website you gave me and it just basically lets me search titles to see if they are AR books or not.  I don't have time for this, I need a list, so I can go to the library, get a damn book and fight with her to read it over the next week and a half so she can do the stupid book report.  He gives me a list.  I said great can I keep this?  He says uh um, I was like OK so NO.  Can you just make a copy of this for me and send it home with her?  Yes I can do that.  Great thanks.  So after sitting there for another couple minutes, like what now?  Another parent walks in.  I was like hey, am I done here or what?  I guess I was.  So I went home.  That was the most fucked up cluster fuck of a conference I have ever been too.  I'm sorry that your trying something new here to take up less of your time, but this is your JOB, do it right!  She is doing fine by the way.

Friday at work was sooooo busy.  Huge copy project that had to be delivered to 2 different places out of town.  Menopausal minion went one way, was suppose to file it, bring it back for bipolar to go the other way and deliver it.  Sounds easy right......WRONG, menopausal forgot the check for the court, didn't answer her phone the 10 times we called, so guess who made a trip out of town.  ME!  Just to give her the stupid check because we were already way behind at this point.  So I get there give her the check and say give me one copy to take back to bipolar so when I get back she can be on her way.  I got back gave her the package sent her off and get a call.  "did you get my email?  UH NO bitch I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to clean up other peoples messes and now what the fuck do you want.  I have a delivery.  Of course you do.  Bring it down.  Um I don't have time to bring it down.  AAAAHHHHH, you people are killing me!  Seeing as how it was 4:15 and I get off at 4:30, I tell the receptionist that I am taking this delivery and going home.  Bipolar and menopausal minion are out of town, don't know when they will be back, and I don't really care.  If anyone is looking for someone, we are all gone and don't call me.  Have a nice weekend :)  I should have called in that day.

I got home and fell asleep on the couch at 7.  I know WTF?  7:00 thats totally pathetic.  I got up at 4:30 on Saturday morning.  That sucked but I got through a few DVR'd shows while everyone was still asleep, so that was kind of nice.  It was a beautiful day out yesterday.  We raked some leaves and hung out in the backyard enjoying the unusually warm day.  We met my mom for dinner, Italian, yumm, and pretty much just hung out and went to bed.  Nothing really all that exciting.  Just the way I like it.

So the time change has really got me all screwed up.  Here I thought I actually slept in, and no i really didn't.  I wish they would just leave it one stinking time.  Stop all this daylight savings bullshit.  I like it dark in the mornings, it helps me sleep.  I don't however like driving home at 4:30 in the afternoon in the dark.  Well I guess I better get up and clean the kitchen or something today, I don't want to feel like a complete loser just laying around all day.  But it is raining and crappy out and what better day to do that on!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I have suffered from migraines since I could remember. I have had a few that got so bad, I did get sick. They suck! Sorry about the time change messing with you :(

  2. heya!!! thanks soooo much for following my 'old/new' blog!!!!

  3. Yeah it's something I inherited from my dad and he got them from his grandpa. So far between my brother and I, I'm the ily one that got them. Lucky me!

    Aimes, no problem, thanksfor letting me know you moved!