Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping trip from hell

My hubby talked me into going camping for fathers day weekend.  Keep in mind I had plans with one of my friends I had to cancel because it was fathers day weekend.  And far be it from me to deny him of what he wants on his special day, right?  Plus we hadn't been camping in a while and I was kind of excited.  Our friends "the group" put it together the last time we all got together.  I should have known that it was cursed from the very get go.  Our friend ended up in the hospital with chest pains.  Her brother came out with us and towed our boat.  They couldn't find a reason to keep her so they sent her home and they came out the next day because her hubby basically put this trip together.  Fun in the sun all day, then night descended.  Douchebag step kid came out with his derelict friend.  Our friends had a 16 year old daughter with them.  Keep in mind my hubby has been friends with these people for 25 years.  I ended up going to bed early with my son.  I wake up to "FUCKER" right outside my window, which scared the shit out of me.  I ripped out my ear plugs and ran out of the trailer.  Somehow to much booze had pickled our friends brain into thinking douchebags friend touched his daughter when nothing happened.  They all ran over and pinned this kid and started yelling at him.  Somehow my hubby ended up head butting this kid to shut him up?  Douchebag got all pissy the wife was yelling at her hubby that nothing happened and to apologize to douche bag, but he doesn't understand that you cant reason with a drunk and was acting like a bitch, therefore drunk friend calls him fucker and my hubby flies off the handle and starts pushing him and smacks him across the face.  The friends end up leaving in the middle of the night, and what a cluster fuck that ended up being.  My hubby has re thought drinking for a while out of this whole mess, plus I told him his ass was cut off anyways.  After a while we pack up to leave.  One friend comes back to get his shit and a half assed apology in passing occurs between him and my hubby.  Things still aren't fixed.  On our way out we hit a bump in the sand and the truck axle breaks.  after getting towed out by 2 additional trucks in a line, they bust the axle off just so we can get home.  Halfway home, our friend texts a pic that his 5th wheel hitch pin came out and and the trailer landed on his truck bed.  Boy I'm glad that weekend is OVER!

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