Monday, April 30, 2012

Were Back!

The trip went pretty good I must say.  Saturday we ran to Payless to get the boy some shoes and heel inserts so he could make it on the big roller coaster.  Once he rode it, he was a happy camper!  We rode everything and saw most of the shows.  It was so freaking hot that day, we went and got some dinner and headed for the pool for a couple of hours. 

Sunday on our way home we stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory and took the tour.  It was pretty fun.  The kids enjoyed it and we got some jelly beans for the ride home.

After a long weekend with the kids we were totally ready for a break of to much together time this weekend.  Grandma took the girl for a night and then Saturday she stayed at a friends house.  I decided to take a chance on planting the garden early this year.  Yeah I know, it will prbably snow and I'll be fucked.  I had a bright idea since we have no garden space and the pots didnt work out last year.  I got the biggest sterlite I could find and made a bed out of that with two additional round tubs.  I just drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage.  I hope it works out.  My husband keeps referring to it as the white trash garden, but whatever, whos going to see it but us.

Well looks like dumbass is finally going to pull it out of his ass and graduate.  Thank god.  I know this makes the hubby happy since the other one was a complete failure, and he was the smart one.  Dipshit came over on Saturday for money (yes still no job) for prom.  All dressed in a white tux with black underwear?  Not the brightest crayon in the box.  Also topped off with a baseball cap, saftey goggles, and converse sneakers (no I swear he's not retarded....I think) I'll bet he didnt get laid on prom night! 

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