Saturday, April 21, 2012

And here we are

After months of waiting, we finally made it to vacation time. After 2 months of yelling at the girl to get her shit together in school or ages not going and a parent teacher conference later. She pulled it out of her ass! So we went to six flags yesterday. First day, the girl already whining about the upside down roller coasters. I said shut it, your going on it, that's not why we're here to sit out and be all sissy lala about it. Suck it up and get your ass on it. I pretty much had to force the restraint down and by that time it was too late for her hahaha (evil laugh) but she got through it, liked it and rode everything in the park. Score one for mom for being a bitch! My son was in a snit because he was half and inch to short to get on the biggest coaster. So today were off to buy new shoes to get him a little taller so he can ride. The only time I protested was when everyone wanted to go on the rapids ride. I hate that fucking ride. I don't enjoy being wet, then having to spend all day trying to dry. But alas, I put it off till the end of the day hoping I could just avoid it altogether with excuses of "I don't want to ruin my phone," "oh the lines to long," but with lockers readily available and the short line I had no choice. I figurerd my husband would get the worst of it seeing as how he's the heaviest. But no, that sucker turned right the fuck around to where I was going backwards. And we all know that's not good. Oh look there's a fucking waterfall, yep I went right through. At that point I gave up. I was the only one wet, soaked through to my panties. Litterally I was trying to get going so I could change but no, we need souvenirs. So I'm standing there actually water dripping down my legs like I'm peeing myself because we all no denim absorbs water like a sponge, waiting for all three if them to try on sunglasses for the next half hour. Finally they picked some shir out I was like yes, lets go. Nope the girl wanted a tank top from a different store. Another 20 minutes later, we were ready to leave. But, we missed the shuttle so we walked back to the hotel, in wet clothes. On the upside I wasn't hot anymore. Ha and dingy me only brought one bra to the party and it was soaked. But we had to eat so I thought hey I'll just put on my bathing suit top. That didn't work because it had some beading that made my boobs look not so nice. So off to target braless we went. I did get a cute new bra, but I think my tennis shoes won't be dry in time. So as I wait for day two to start because I'm the first one up while everyone else is still asleep, I wonder what today will bring?

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