Thursday, March 22, 2012

PayPal, or sworn enemy?

I'm leaning more towards swore enemy at this point. Last week step fucktardo ordered shit for his truck, which he is "working" on for his senior project so he can graduate. I'm sure it's all a ruse and come June there will be no diploma to speak of. However he ordered some shit off the Internet and used my PayPal account to pay. I first of course made sure I had the money in my hot little hands before agreeing to let him use it, because I have been snowed by this before in the past. For some reason the receipt had my old address on there for the shipping info. Curious? That isn't right and before it gets shipped to a house I no longer reside at, I called the company to get the address changed. Oh you would think it would be that simple. Ha! No, I had to have the first transaction refunded and a second transaction done (which by the way has put me down $100.00 of my own money). OK I agree and PayPal has stated that that transaction has been refunded however in order to actually get my money back, I have to wait 3-5 business days for it to go into my PayPal account. Bullshit, but I wait. Finally yesterday I see my money in my PayPal account that I have been diligently been checking every day since last Friday. I select transfer to my bank account, and viola! Another 3-5 business days for it to be in my account. Are you fucking serious right now? I have a whopping $7.00 in my account and my gas tank is dwindling. My point being is they can take it within a 24 hour period, but don't expect a refund anytime soon. I'm still waiting for Levi's to return my money via PayPal and I returned my purchase a month ago. I blame idiot husband who insists that his waist was a 35 and not a 36 which this forces me to buy off the net because it's a weird size which I hate because of this whole return hassle reason. And guess what? The fat fuck is a 36 and ended up buying them from Kohl's like I suggested in the first place because he is not, nor has ever in his life been a 35 (OK maybe a brief month or two, two years ago).

On to happier things.  I have decided to take a trip.  I don't know where, but it will be without children and possibly the hubby depending on if he's a good boy or not in the next year.  I have been secretly  stashing money away to my mom seeing as how our bill situation has drastically improved, and I seem to actually have extra money now for a change.  So I'm just going to give it some time and see how much I can save and decide where I want to go.  I am really in no hurry, but I AM going somewhere.  If I decide not to I will have a nice emergency fund stored up anyways.  I at least have half a one way ticket to somewhere as of right now, it would have been more but had to pay off the boys broken arm, which I'm still going rounds with Humana regarding the fucking anesthesiologist.   I keep trying to tell them they didnt code the procedure correct to be covered under the ER deductable, but they think I might be trying to not pay the bill.  I'm like if you just code it this way like the surgeon did you'll get paid you asshats!

Well thats about all for now.  Till next time!

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