Thursday, March 1, 2012


So the girl wants her hair cut off. So tonight that's exactly what were going to do. I think she wants it short because she's lazy and doesn't want to do her hair, but I don't think she realizes short hair is probably more work then she realizes. Well see how it turns out. Maybe this way it might give her some more self esteem and maybe she will want to, oh gee I don't know actually look like a girl for once. She's 11 and not a tom boy because she's not into sports, but not a girlie girl eaither. I think all the hormones is giving her some sort of identity crisis. I'm trying to fix it, hopefully maybe to get her to care about what she looks like. Maybe want brush her teeth without me having to yell at her everyday. And it's not even a boy thing she has a boyfriend at school. God help me through the next 7 years cause if she's this difficult at 11 god knows what jr high and high school will be like. Oh wait I know it will be hell! It's true what they say payback is a bitch!

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