Friday, February 17, 2012


We may have made a little progress in the ongoing step bastard issue. After a rough week I think the hubby is finally realizing what a delusional loser his kid is. After the kid lets him know yesterday that he put OUR (not his) quads on Craig's list and found someone who would trade him a street bike. Really? So he thinks we're going to let him trade our shit for something for him. Very presumptuous of that little bastard don't you think? So I think the hubby finally had enough and told him its never going to happen. Why doesn't the asshole get that his priority should be graduating this year and that's it. So after storming out in a snit, he texts the hubby and says fine, I guess I'll just have to go get a job and pay for my own shit! Gee, ya think? That kid has some serious mental issues. Still if I end up murdered at some point. All fingers will point to him. On a lighter note its Friday, and taco night at moms. Meaning yay I don't have to cook! I have been attempting this diet. And so far it's been not bad. It's the paleo diet, just meat and veggies in varieties of ways. It's been a little had to cut out breads and stuff but I've been doing ok with that. The hubby didn't even notice all I was feeding him at dinner was a meat and a veggie. So far I lost 4 lbs in a week. Even though I'm following it loosely by still eating dairy and a cookie here and there. But for the most part alls good and who knew you could make rice and mashed potatoes or of cauliflower. And it's pretty fucking good. That's all for now!

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