Monday, July 23, 2012

Run a ground

We went out to the lake this Saturday to take out the boat and get some sun.  Mom and my brother went with us.  We were suppose to camp but with everything happening with the house next week, we decided to just enjoy the day instead.  So, I'm not sure if my husband is just getting old and it impairs his judgement or he just had one to many beers?  We went out on the boat in the late afternoon to go swim in the middle of the lake.  Then started to run around a bit.  The lake is really low at the moment due to our shitty winter.  So were running around and I was like wow the weeds are out of the water over there, but he keeps going then decides to turn last minute.  Then this idiot on a sea doo is about to run right across our bow as were turning around because he acts like he doesn't see the big red boat to his left, so the hubby lets off the throttle and bam......instant stop.  We hit the ground, so while my husband is screaming and flipping the sea doo guy off who is pretending he doesn't see him and goes on his merry little way.  Were stuck in the mud!  So the hubs jumps out, water is to his knees, and has to push the boat about 3 football fields to get us off the ground.  How we went in that far to begin with without hitting the ground is a mystery.  We finally made it out, and I'm thinking that's probably the last time we will be at the lake the rest of the year.  He says he's ready for some safe hotel vacationing for a while!

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