Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The piece of shit!

The pile of crap that the step bastard bought and blew up around Christmas last year is finally running.  After 2 grand a lost $300.00 key and it taking up my spot in the garage for the past month, it finally started up last night.  The hubby worked his ass off the last two weekends putting the engine back together.  He ordered the key from VW in Germany, and spent the last two weeks putting it together and what do ya know, it started right up last night.  With the exception of the antifreeze connection that the idiot (step kid) put together that wasn't right, that leaked and entire bottle of antifreeze out of the radiator when they started it up, but they got it fixed.  So as of tonight that thing is out of my garage (not that I have it much longer anyways) (plus every time I walk by it I key, kick, or intentionally bump something into it because I hate him and that car so fucking much) and out of my hair FOREVER!  Life is good.

The house is coming along good.  The kids rooms, our room and both bathrooms have been scraped and textured.  Only the living room, kitchen and laundry room are left. The hubby also got a hair up his ass to texture the walls as well.  It puts us a little behind with the extra work. but it will be worth it and we had a little extra time.  The girl comes home tomorrow and she doesn't even know were moving yet.  I just hope all goes smooth the rest of the month.

So Saturday I got a jump on things getting prepared to move.  I cleaned the house and cleaned the oven and did a few extra things so I wouldn't have to deal with it at the end of the month.  So I go to cook in the oven last night and it doesn't light.  So WTF?  I clean it and it breaks.  I'm going to be pissed if I cleaned it for nothing.

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