Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going, going, over it!

So you know when you start a project with such gusto, and then towards the end your kinda over it?  Well lets just say I'm kinda over it about now.  Thankfully we are on the last leg of this little renovation.  Just waiting for the hubby to get his ass in gear and finish the one fucking bathroom that needs paint that he seems to be taking his sweet time doing.  The carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow and then that's it, ready to start moving.  Keep in mind I haven't yet packed one fucking box, but I'm moving two blocks away.  Its basically going to be throwing shit in a box and taking it to the new house, dumping it and repeat.  That's how we roll when we move.  I am so looking forward to my week off next week, a week with no painting, ripping out bushes, or scrubbing dropped drywall mud off the carpet because people cant fucking be careful.  Nope, just sitting in my new house while the kids are finally back at school, casually putting the last minute things away that I know are going to get piled up this weekend.  Maybe go shopping for some new stuff I want but don't need, who knows, 10 blissful days off is all I'm looking forward too!

I did finally make that one last minute decision on Sunday regarding the wall color of our room.  I saw this awesome bluish greenish grayish wall color in HGTV and was instantly in love.  I woke up in the morning rolled over and said to the hubby "OK I decided, I want that color in our room!"  So off to Lowe's we went for the umpteenth time to get more paint.  But in the end, the room looks fabulous and everyone LOVES the color.  It especially looks awesome with the flat white ceilings.  I am totally tooting my own horn right now!

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