Saturday, August 25, 2012

Were in like Flynn!

First night in our new house, check!  Typical up at the crack of dawn because it's a new place yet I'm still in my own bed, always.  Good thing I have a week off to get used to it.  Actually I take that back, it's 10 days with the holiday, and let me tell you Friday drug on and on at work.  The hubby and Jesus, got all the heavy shit moved during the day, and left all the little shit for mom and I to do the rest of the weekend.  We must be out of the rental by Friday.  Which means, the hubby still has his man room, and man garage to pack up and move out.  I dont know which is worse, lifting furniture or dealing with the little crap.  My vote is little crap.  Or I just hate all things associated with moving.  Will see how the rest of the week plays out.  I'm hoping it's not all gung ho like the painting only to crap out at the end and alls I'm left with is one fucking bathroom that still needs paint.  And YES, i am still pissed about that.....STILL!

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