Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting Back on Track!

OK, so yes, I know it's been like months.  Where have I been you ask?  Well I'll tell you.  And it totally has NOT been interesting.  So basically we moved into the house, and have been blowing money out our asses because now we actually have some.  We have calmed down a bit since Xmas.  Were trying to save some at the moment, but that all flew out the window when the light bulb over the hubby's head went on right after I made the last payment on my new appliances.  HOT TUB!  Yep, the hey can we just go look at the spa place so I can get prices on what these things cost?  Ended in us being the proud owners of a brand new spa!  The funny thing is.  I like it.  We have been having our alone time with a glass of wine right after dinner the last few weeks for about an hour and a half or so.  Then we put on our jammies, watch a little TV and head to bed.  It's really been kinda nice to get away from the kids for just a bit.  And hell they have been really good about leaving us alone, and not starting shit with each other.

So all I got for Xmas this year was an extra 10 pounds added to my ass.  I'm really trying to get back on track these days, but damn it, all the chicken wings, pizza, sesame balls, CRACK fries (I'll get to that in a minute) oh and the cake being dropped off at my house from various relatives because hey, she has kids, they need this 3/4 of a birthday cake I don't want at my house.  Ends up on a plate in my mouth because I have no fucking will power.  And the fact that I cant see my my bathing suit bottoms due to the ginormous fat roll I have suddenly acquired (thank god none of my neighbors can see me get in and out of the hot tub) have got me suddenly depressed.  I think hey, today I'm going to do it, but then I have lunch and am like well that last piece of cake needs to be ate before it gets stale.  And no one wants to waste cake.  So I'll start tomorrow then.  HA, cookies at work today, you don't say.  OooHH I'll just have one.  Then when I'm cleaning the kitchen.  Oh look theres 1 1/2 cookies left, cant let that get thrown away.  And last but not least, the CRACK fries.  So in September I joined a bowling league with my friends.  I have so much fun, and I really like it, but the bowling alley snack shack makes these french fries that are ridiculous.  Hence the CRACK fries.  The serve them with a side of nacho cheese and you have the perfect combination for a continual backed up colon.  I keep trying to resist to no avail.  Maybe today will be the day,  So far so good.  And I look forward to seeing my bikini bottoms once again.  Hopefully before summer starts or I'm swimming in sweat pants!

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