Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm so dumb I have to google my kids math work.

You get to a point in your life where you think hey, I'm almost 35, I think I'm pretty smart.  That's until your kid brings home math homework that you have know clue how to do.  Oh did I mention she also is failing math at the moment and has a whopping 22% in the class.  And the quarter just started over.  So here we are again, middle of the year and I'm calling the math teacher (who hasn't returned my call yet by the way) to find out what crappy solution that he can suggest to get her back on track and understanding how to do it.  First problem is this has been a problem since the 3rd grade.  Second problem is that they are giving her stuff that I vaguely remember doing in high school, in sixth grade.  Third the teachers don't really seem to give a shit, so really why should she at this point.  It makes me mad that I cant even help her with this crap.  I have a tutor lined up who helped her with her make up work while she was out sick a couple weeks ago who is more then willing to help her with her homework, but she never has any damn homework.  And she doesn't understand what the teacher keeps going over with her.  I don't want to call her stupid, I think it's actually lack of interest.  Also if she is uninterested, how and I going to make her retain anything anyone tells her?  And If I cant even do the damn work, what the FUCK?  I'm so fucking frustrated.  I googled it and I'm still not even sure I'm doing it right.  So If I'm trying to show her the wrong way, or the way google is telling me is not the way the teacher is telling her so now what?  I wonder if the have a dumbed down version of the math class that they can put her in, and maybe I can understand?  I'll update "the Talk" tomorrow.

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