Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back in a flash!

Let me start this story from last night.  And I will try to be brief.  Hubby's in a really bad mood because work has been crazy.  Oh wait let me back that truck up one more time.  I forgot I've been gone awhile.  OK, so hubby's friend/boss, the one that got him the job quit like 3 months ago.  He was the superintendent.  Now hubby takes his position, but they don't replace hubby's job, so now he's doing both.  Anyhoo, the weather has been in the one digit the last couple weeks.  So the fire sprinklers in a warehouse busted and flooded the whole place  (but that's what happens when you don't want to pay for the heat to be on).  Hubby rips all the damaged carpet, sheet rock, etc... out, dries the building out and the insurance adjuster is now on his ass about asbestos.  The the glass people put in new windows in the wrong unit and doesn't want to fix the mistake.  Then I laugh at the situation, because really, only this much bad shit can happen to him in one day which lands my ass on the shit list for the rest of the night.  This morning I say "well maybe you will have a better day, at least it couldn't get any worse!"  HA, he calls up and says he forgot his wallet on the dresser that just so happens to have the company credit card that he needs to buy supplies.  So me being the good wife that I am, decide I'm going to be nice and drive my ass 20 minutes to Reno to give it to him.  So I drop the boy off at school 5 minutes early and haul balls.  I make it there at the time I say, and I wait.  I wait because he sends the dumb ass (step kid who is now also working with daddy because he cant find a job of his own and was about to be cut the fuck off by me) I wait 10 minutes all the while I feel like I'm doing a drug deal sitting in the empty parking lot of a mall that wasn't even open yet to have a truck pull up along side my car to do the exchange out the window.  And yes, I got some weird looks from the people cleaning the parking lot on my way out.  All in all I was only 15 minutes late for work, because I drove like 100 on the freeway on my way back managing to hit every asshole going under the speed limit in the fast lane and every red fucking light when I got into town!

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