Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homework + Wine = less yelling!

So the Math teacher who hasn't returned my call from Monday is on my fucking SHIT list.  The guy has been out for like 2 weeks now.  Somebody better be dead, because I'm not sure how much more I can take of fractions.  My ex is a dumb ass piece of shit who is as dumb as the girl.  She calls me and says I have homework.  OK if I'm going to need to help you on this you need to get your ASS (exact words, I shit you not) home early, because I'm not going to be doing this at fucking 9 at night.  So I call the Ex and tell him to you tube how to do it, because that's the only way I figured it out on Sunday.  He's off all day, why do I have to do this shit when I work all fucking day?  Oh yeah, cause he's stupid!  Well he cant even figure it out watching the video (I really think he didn't want to do it) so he dumps it on me.  I pour myself a huge glass of wine in anticipation of the next 2 hours of screaming.  Two glasses later, a lot of yelling between my hubby and I, one you tube video on how to subtract mixed fractions watched oohhh, I'd say at least 40 times, about 10 text messages to my cousin whos in high school, and I can do the fucking things in my sleep!  Her, still has no clue.  So basically I did the damn homework while she stared at the wall.  Today is my parent teacher conference minus the teacher.  I cant wait!

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