Thursday, January 31, 2013

Waste of time

So just like I thought it would be, the student led conference was the biggest waste of my damn time EVER.  I didn't even say 1 word to the computer teacher whose class we ended up in.  She gets a folder of some class work shes done, and that's it.  I wrote a nasty comment on the comment card they made me fill out that went along the lines of if I wanted to get my childes perspective on how she's doing, I can ask her that at home and get the answer of fine.  I want the truth from the teacher, because clearly her grades indicate shes not fine.  I walked out of that school so pissed off, five minutes later.  Took her directly to my grandmas house where she sat with the math tutor for the rest of her day.  She now knows fractions.  So now we have him coming on a weekly basis to work with her, that way I don't have an aneurysm one day yelling at her.

So the hubby has been sick the last two days.  Weird fever and that's it.  It broke last night, and thank god he went to the couch as soon as I got into bed.  No I'm not that nice wife who will give him the bed, although I expect him to go to the couch when I'm sick.  Hey I bought him some meds yesterday so get off my ass, I'm not that mean.  Hopefully he will be back to work tomorrow.

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