Saturday, February 2, 2013


Yesterday afternoon my mom calls he and says is douche bags (step kid i hate) girlfriend pregnant?  Um I don't know why?  Because his mom posted she was going to be a grandma.  I don't know I say because I'm not friends with him, but I'll check it out.  Sure enough, she's pregnant, and it's all over Facebook.  So I text my hubby who's been sick in bed over the last couple days whether I should start officially calling him grandpa?  He did not find this funny.  I guess the kid has told the world but is to chicken shit to tell his dad and the hubby is a little pissed.  And it's kind of weird because the girlfriend has a two year old from another guy.  Ok if I were her, I would avoid getting knocked up at all cost.  Oh we'll he's an adult now, my only concern is now they will be welfare cases because she doesn't work and his job is sketchy at best.  Whatever!

So I'm sick again.  This is the third time in 6 weeks.  The last two were viral, this time it's come with a fever so my mom drug me to the urgent care this morning.  I've been laying in bed all day hoping the antibiotics kick in quick so I'll feel better tomorrow for the people coming over for Super Bowl.  The hubby found a buffalo meatball recipe that stick with the diet I'm currently back on.  It was nice cause he vacuumed and did the dishes for me today, but informed me he doesn't do bathrooms or the laundry hahaha.  Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. WHOA !!!! So do I call you grammy? We can be grammies together !!! lol

  2. No, you can call me Jenifer. I aint nobody's Grammy!