Friday, August 10, 2012

Ding Dong The VWs GONE!!!

It's gone, It runs, It's registered and insured as of yesterday.  I don't know if It's completely fixed or not, but it isn't coming back here!  I actually got the garage back for the last 3 weeks were in this house.  So I hope nothing happens to that fucking car for the next 3 weeks.  Once that's up, no more garage and sorry it's broke, but you cant bring it here!  Just run for the next 3 weeks.....please.

Picked out the tile last night for the kitchen.  I really liked that multi colored stone tile, but it's a little to blueish for the counter tops, so we went with a smoky grey.  It's nice, has some highs and lows to give it texture to it.  Then picked out a sink since that's getting replaced too.  Mud man should be done by tomorrow afternoon, then we can start painting on Sunday and paint the rest of the week.  Technically this puts us ahead of schedule.  Fingers crossed it stays that  way!  Have a great weekend!

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