Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Robo maniac

All right, I must say that the guy doing the texture of my ceiling and walls is a freaking robo maniac.  The living room ceiling is done and 2 out of 3 walls are done.  The hubby had to tell him to go home last night because he was starting another wall and it was late.  Either he's that enthusiastic, or he's sick of us and wants it done.  Either way it's going pretty quick now so who cares.  At the rate were going, we should be able to start painting this weekend.  Fingers crossed.  So now the kitchen is snowballing, because the counters and appliances look so nice that the floor needs to be done, so add tile work before we move the the list of to do's.  I told the hubby that it's gotta stop somewhere sometime or we will never be able to move in.  Will see what happens at this point.  I figure that if I don't suggest looking at tile then he'll let it go......hopefully for now.

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