Thursday, September 29, 2011


OK, I am a total dumb ass.  I forgot it was my anniversary today.  Yep, it wasn't until my mom called and said happy anniversary!  I was like what?  OH SHIT!  To be fair he forgot as well.  I guess I shouldn't have said no to that five minute quickie he was asking for this morning.  There has been a lot going on so it's understandable that it totally slipped our minds.

First off, camping last weekend was nice until we got there and the hubby starts setting up the trailer.  I am holding the dog who is wound up after being in the car for a few hours and gets out to someplace new.  So for 2 seconds I hand the leash to my son, just so I can help the hubby and grab something out of the way for him.  In that 2 seconds the dog (who is a lab and loves other dogs BTW) sees the dog next door which happens to be a pit bull and runs over to say hi, quickly being met by the dog clamping on to her throat.  This is totally my fault for giving the boy the leash.  Her dog was on a leash so really I cant blame anyone but myself.  So the dog has a nice puncture wound on her neck that I tried keeping clean with peroxide since we were out in the middle of nowhere for the next 4 days.  Long story short, it got infected, we got her home, shaved her neck and didn't look good.  As of right now I cant afford a $800.00 + vet bill, so I didn't know what to do.  I went to work where my co-worker told me about some stuff she got at the feed store when it happened to her dog.  So I went and got some $5.00 it's a synthetic penicillin.  Injected it into the puncture and I swear to god the infection is gone and the dog is healing.  Amazing.  Lesson learned, go to the feed store before the vet unless the dog is dying!

This weekend I am off to my friends uncles winery for a grape stomp.  I cant wait, it sounds like it's going to be so much fun.  Plus anything that involes drinking is the shit anyways.  I will give you the story when I get back from that, probably Monday! 

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