Friday, October 14, 2011

Wine Tasting!

This is my friends uncles Winery in Healdsberg, CA.

Yummy wine fermenting in the barrels.

View of the vineyard, yes I turned it sepia to give it that dreamy look, but that is really the view.

More vineyard shots.

Cool empty bottle rack at one of the tasting places.

Me stomping grapes to help support breast cancer. 

Me again!  Sorry the picture is a little pixelated.

Just a cool sunset shot on the ride home!

OK now that the pictures are out of the way, I had so much fun.  Lots of wine, beautiful weather, and supporting a good cause.  Oh and some time away from the family which is always nice.

So this week is the kids birthdays.  Well last Saturday was the boys, he's a whopping 8 years old, and next Friday is the girls who is turning 11.  So we are having the party this weekend in the middle.  Poor kids always get screwed having their party's together because they are a week apart.  Oh well.  On the actual day of their birthdays we have just us cake and presents, so they get their own special day.

So work update is, we have a new leader in the retard race here at the firm.  I am really not sure how this lady even functions days to day being this stupid, let alone getting by being a secretary?  Yesterday during our morning meeting, Me and 3 other co-workers who come in and bull shit until it's time to start.  Who desperately try and avoid retard from joining in, but one of us, who shall remain nameless engaged her in conversation.  The whole time with me trying to send psychic messages of don't talk to her and she will go away to the others.  Which obviously didn't work.  So this bitch starts rambling on about how she hates her room mates cats, and somehow it turned into her saying "I don't wash the cats dishes with my human dishes, because I don't want to get strep throat"  OK, WTF?  Is it just me or is this bitch NOT crazy?  Then she starts in on how her room mates cat reminds her of one of the attorneys that work here because the cat has blond hair and blue eyes.  This.......sparked a whole new thing, which I will get to in a minute.  So still reeling from the shock of the word vomit that just oozed out of her mouth, the mentioned attorney walks in at that exact moment all of out jaws are on the floor trying to not laugh hysterically until she left.  Well that didn't work because we just couldn't contain the laughter, especially after I wrote it in my facebook status and passed it along to the others.  Anyways this sparked the mission of giving the said attorney a new name with the word cat in it, since ya know, he looked like one.  So after much debate, going back and fourth, and one of my personal favorites being "pussy"  because in reality, that's what he is, the final verdict came down to "Hello Kitty"  the only reason was because it came with funny pictures as the emails were going around about this.  Yes the stupid things that are spawned to keep us entertained at work.

Now on to why I'm fucking PISSED OFF!  (this post has taken me most of the day to write so it's been like 4 hours since I started this)  It is pay day.  So I decide, ya know I'm going to go get my self some lunch today!  I go to the local BBQ place and get a potato topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, nacho cheese, and green onions......HOLY FUCKING SMOKES, it was so good.  While at home enjoying my meal in peace, playing on my computer, my grandma calls.  UGH!  Keep in mind I have reamed my exes ass a few days ago about not paying me my child support which I had to borrow from my mom and told him he has to pay her back now in an effort to make him feel guilty enough to not do it again.  But I can see that's not going to work.  Oh and also now that my weekends are no longer girl free, because he's working weekends now, he takes her on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  OK last night he says can I start taking her on Wednesdays too?  OK No biggie, you deal with the homework during the week.  Enter Grandma (mine, her great), who watches her on Monday, Wed. & Fridays.  Grandma now thinks I'm taking her away from her and that he's plotting to get her over to his side "the dark side"  DUDE, what about me?  You are are so worried your not getting enough time with her but you sure don't give a flying fuck if it takes away from my time.  Which is not that big of a deal considering shes a real pain in the ass anyways.  So instead of grandma watching her all her life out of the goodness of her heart it now has stipulations attached to it.  So I yelled at her, made her cry, and I'm sure I will be paying for it tomorrow at the birthday party.  I am so FUCKING DONE!  And if my husband calls me one more time to tell me his phone is fucked up because I updated it last night I am going to fucking go off the deep end!  So HAPPY FUCKING FRIDAY, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. I look forward to your blogs! Miss and love ya girl! -Rob :)

  2. I know I'm sorry I have been slacking. I'm miss you though. And glad to see your still reading! Love ya girl!

  3. Your pics turned out sooooo good !!! I love the sepia one !!