Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Starting off Well

Since today is only Tuesday, I thought I'd throw you all off from my normal Friday Posts.  This weekend we went to apple hill.  Here are some pictures from that day.
We will start with the beautiful fall colors.

A purple rose, my favorite, at the first farm we went to.

We visited the pumpkin patch.  This is my yearly pic of the boy with the pumpkins.  And yes that is actually the real color of the pumpkins.

We went apple picking and got some yummy apples!

Fresh apple right off the tree!

We had a great time and I got the best apple crisp ala mode at one of the farms.  We even tasted a variety of apple wines, which were gross by the way.  The hubby worked all weekend (poor him, yay me) I had some much needed free time on Sunday.  I actually managed to get through a few of the Grey's Anatomy's I had recorded forever ago.

The weather is turning grey and cold, however we are suppose to be back to the low 70's by the weekend.  That is totally unusual for this time of year.  Hell I have been out trick or treating in the snow.  I'm glad to have this little reprieve.  Speaking of Halloween.  My son wants to be a farmer this year.  OK, seems pretty simple.  NOT!  We have been on the hunt for overalls for the last 3 days.  You think they would still make them for little boys or I'm willing to even buy a girls pair, but NO, nothing unless your an infant.  So I took my chances and ordered some from Amazon for $30.00 in hopes that they will be here before Monday.  Fingers crossed.  I even checked every thrift store in town, and had the hubby running all over Reno looking for them.  I called the 5 kid stores at the mall, and nothing.  I hope they arrive on time or he's going to be a half assed farmer.  The Spirit store doesn't even carry anything, what the hell is up with that?

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  1. YES...the black and white pics with the color splash are great !! The pumpkin one is awesome !