Friday, October 21, 2011


Well it's Friday!  Menopausal minion is on vacation for the next week starting today.  Boo, that means I have to work later then usual.  Double boo.  We are getting new carpet in the building.  Everything seems to be running fairly smooth.  My boss lady has decided to work half days to be here at night when the carpet gets installed in sections.  It seemed to have started off fairly well, but as of last night I guess it's taking it's toll.  Lets just say I was wondering where the wine dirty wine glass was coming from.  But seeing as how our computer lady is also on vacation and the new IT people are really a waste of time.  I told one of the attorneys that this guy needs to be fired and go back to our old IT people.  Along with the carpet and the computer bullshit, she has a lot on her plate.  And this is suppose to go on for another week.  I wonder how long till she breaks?

Anyways in lighter news.  The girl is officially 11 today.  I made her dad take her this weekend in hopes he would give her a party, but that didn't happen.  His cheap ass family gave his brother a birthday party on Tuesday and just happened to include her as well.  That was nice of them.  So she got one present from her aunt, her grandpa gave her ten bucks and her great grandpa spotted her a five.  Gee that was big of them to even give her that.  So her dad is planning on taking her to the mall so she can spend her $15.00.  If I were him, unless he is planning on pitching in, which I seriously doubt, I wouldn't even wast my gas to drive to the mall.  Just take her to walmart, she will at least get your employee discount on the crap she buys.   So once again he's cheaping out on her.

Last weekend after the kids party I threw for them, which went well.  The girl got a wii game called just dance.  After everyone left she, her friend who stayed the night, and me, played this game for like 3 hours.  It was so much fun, I enjoyed kicking their asses.  And the girl is finally getting some rhythm.  Sunday we took them to Toys R Us to spend their money (which was way more then $15.00, by the way)  After that fresh hell we had a nice lunch at the roadhouse, and went miniature golfing.  We had a really nice day.  My son had never been, and on his first hole got a hole in one.  He decided her really liked it after that.  I wish all weekends could be like that, fight free, everyone behaving.

Tomorrow we are heading up to apple hill.  We went last year and had a lot of fun getting pies and picking apples.  I hope I can get that peach dumpling I got last year, it was fresh out of the deep fryer and freaking AWESOME. 

Well here's to hoping for a quiet day, but I'm not counting on it.


  1. So the Ex can afford Iphones, and games, ect. (which he brags about on FB!) ...but his girl gets 15 bucks!!? WOW!

  2. Yeah a not even from him. But yet they can go buy another dog, but still hopping me on my child support. I am not happy!