Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa has Shit Down My Chimney this Year!

I really must have made the naughty list this year.  It all Started with the nasty hangover last Saturday.  The emergency dental visit for the hubby.  God only knows what that bill is going to be.  The hangover has turned into a nasty head cold on Sunday, so I spent the entire day sick on the couch.  Monday wasn't going great either.  I had to drag my ass out of bed to go to work because menopausal minion took a couple days off at the worst fucking time of year.  I guess I looked pretty shitty because the boss lady told me to go home an hour after I got there.  I was like oh thank god cause I feel like CRAP!  I got home crawled into bed and watched some TV and fell asleep.  After about an hour I started drooling because I cant breath out of my nose and woke myself up.  My phone was on vibrate so I picked it up to see if anyone had called and it rang in my hand.  It was the school.  I thought oh crap, the boy has got my cold.  The girl was already home sick at grandmas.  I only wish that was the call I had gotten.  I said hello.  The lady says Hi I'm the nurse, your son fell off the slide and I think his arm is broken so you need to come get him and take him to the ER.  UM, OK.  At this point I wasn't sure what to do, I think I was in shock from the call.  I called the hubby, then my mom, while on my way to get him.  I walked in the nurses office and looked and the big dip in his forearm and said yep that's broke.  The funny thing is, is the nurse said he just walked in, not crying and said his arm hurt cause he fell off the slide.  Tough kid I have.  So off to the ER we went.  I picked up my aunt to help me with him.  We get to the ER and of course it's hurry up and wait.  They gave him an IV (which he didn't cry with that either)  Gave him some pain meds, and he felt so much better to wait for the next 6 hours for the bone doctor to get out of surgery to set his arm.  At least it was a clean break, the sucker just snapped right in half, so he didn't need any surgery.  However, they did take him to the operating room to use this contraption to straighten his bone.  It was better to knock him out anyways.  We finally, after 8 hours in the hospital got to go home.  We picked him up some McDonald's because the poor kid had nothing but breakfast yesterday.  He ate, we gave him his drugs and he slept with me because he has a loft bed and wont be able to get up there for the next 6 weeks.  We just kicked the hubby to the spare room.  I am so glad he is OK, but man this couldn't have happened at the worst time.  Aside from the emergency dental bill I'm waiting on, the hubby is out of work at the moment, it's Xmas time, and this little ER visit will probably end up costing me $2000.00 or more I don't have.  Just when I think I'm starting to get ahead a bit, the rain cloud lets loose.  I guess the most important thing is that the boy is OK and I will just deal with everything else as it comes.

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