Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Friday

Yes, I went.  Yes, it sucked.  Yes, I got what I went for and nothing else.  I was at Walmart by 8:30 standing in line in the automotive section waiting for a TV.  My BFF, was standing in another line (for me) in the paint section for another TV.  My mom was guarding the Portable DVD player pallet for me.  Because I cant be in 3 places at once you know.  So 4 1/2 hours in the automotive section I finally got my TV, met up with everyone else to get my other shit, and waited in line for another 45 minutes to check out.  I spent most of my bonus and walked out of there with 3 things.  I was a little disappointed, but I was really to tired to give a shit too.  I think I'm staying home next year.  I did manage to do a quarter of my Xmas shopping on line.  It's totally worth paying the shipping to avoid the crowds.

My husband went all Clark W. Griswold on the Xmas lights this year.  What started out as just putting some lights up, ended up being 5 trips to Lowe's and I'm sure a huge power bill.  I had 3 rounds of pictures because everyday I came home there was something else on the house lit up.  It was funny.

Tonight my Daughter is singing at the state capitol building for the Xmas tree lighting ceremony.  Keep in mind I have lived here 25 years and not once have ever thought about going to it.  But once again a kid of mine sucks me into doing this shit.  Not to mention it's fucking FREEZING out.  Hopefully it wont take long, but on the upside I'm making my hubby suffer through it with me....hehehe!

Tomorrow more freezing of the asses off to go cut down a Xmas tree.  Good thing I bought those DVD players.  The kids and I will be waiting in the truck while lumber jack hubby preforms some primitive ritual to make him feel like more of a man.  But it's all in good fun I guess.  Have a warm weekend cause I know I ain't!

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