Monday, December 19, 2011


The banks and health insurance companies should merge into one big conglomerate to bend over the American people and literally gang rape us into submission by paying more and getting even less then we are now. After this mornings realization of I just met my deductible for the boys arm, only for the insurance companies to pay 80% while I'm stuck paying the other 20. This sounds fine in reality, but when you think about it, in less then 2 weeks it becomes 2012, thus reverting my deductible back to ZERO. With plenty of "specialist" visits that are costing me double along with having to pay in full for X-rays now because my deductible of $1500.00 that I just met is going back to ZERO. So merry fucking Xmas to me, and I am now taking it up the ass by Humana! I am just short of canceling the insurance on the kids and putting the $300.00 a month or sorry it's $400.00 now, into a savings account for medical expenses. I would probably get off way cheaper and be able to pay for it in cash, since most places will discount the bill by 20% if you pay it all right then. Just think, $400.00 times 12 is $4800.00 a year and we usually have 1 maybe 2 doctor visits a year. So it seems pretty worth it to me not to even have it at this point.

Well my Xmas shopping is pretty much done. I thought I'd blow the rest of my money on presents for the kids considering I'll be living in a box come next month. Oh well. At this point I give up! I'm defeated. Just when I thought things were getting back on track. Wham! So I'm guessing 2012 isn't going to be my year!

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