Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well thank god it happened quickly yesterday and not today.  I came home early yesterday and so did the hubby so we could tell the kids.  I let the girl go with her dad and we broke the news to the boy.  He reacted like I thought he would.  Really didn't have much to say, and was a bit uncomfortable with the situation.  And that's OK.  How else should an 8 year old act.  The girl came home, and I made sure the boy was in the shower so we wouldn't be interrupted.  I tell you, she reacted better then I thought she would.  The hubby explained things to her, she cried for about 45 minutes, then we just sat together and watched TV for a while.  We all went to bed and things were fine with the kids this morning.  I on the other hand am fine, but I just couldn't get motivated to get my ass out of bed and dressed.  So I took a day to myself to watch movies in bed and be a bum.  Plus I have had this freaking headache for 2 days now, which I'm sure is caused by stress.  It feels like someone is sitting on my head.  The funeral is on Tuesday, why Tuesday, I have no idea, but it saves me from having to make the decision of taking the kids or not.  They will be in school so that takes care of that.  Well Time to go, but thought I would just give a quick update.

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