Friday, March 18, 2011

Better....I think!

Last night there was no talk of our little tiff.  He knows how I feel, but yet nothing will be done about it as usual, so I might as well get over it I guess.  But now we are on to him being sick.  And you know how that is when men are sick.  The whole world is crumbling and he's at the center of it.  My reaction to this is, there's some theraflu in the bathroom, do you want hot dogs or spaghetti for dinner?  I'm going to the gym so dinners on you!  Hot dogs it was!  Aside from listening to him complaining most of the night, we did manage to watch the movie I got 3 days ago.  Then went to bed.  About 1:00 this morning my earplugs decided to start failing me because he was snoring so loud.  I reached over and got a fresh set and that seemed to help, plus I got a few good kicks in to shut him up as well.

I have a parent teacher meeting next week.  I am so not looking forward to this.  And not all the kids required one but my daughter was one of the lucky ones that did.  Then I get an email from the step mom yesterday saying she would like to meet with the teacher to see if theres any work he can give her to help her with whatever she's having trouble with.  GREAT, yeah cause you have to deal with her 5 days a week when she's in school and homework every night.  No you get her on the weekends when she has nothing to do but play.  Meanwhile, I, have to deal with her homework every night.  And on top of that I am going to have to relay to the teacher my displeasure about these fucking projects.  I just got done doing her science fair project and now I, me, not her, have to do 3 fucking more on a state, not even our state.  Cant they do this shit in class?  Last time I checked I graduated from school, which to me means that I shouldn't have to do this shit anymore.  And it's really sad that most of her work I don't even get and have to google it.  She's in 4th grade for Christ sakes.  Jesus when I was in school (and it wasn't that long ago) I never had this much homework.  It's like they keep cutting the budget, but try to cram way to much into the year, so most of this bullshit work comes home that they should be doing in class.  So if anyone knows or lives in Maine and wants to send me some interesting facts, let me know cause I have about two weeks to get this shit done, while she puts her name on it and takes all the credit for it.  UGH!


  1. LOL! I feel the same way and my son is in 2nd grade. When he came home with honor roll this last report card I celebrated with a bottle of $11.00 wine for myself since I felt like it was my grades! We had the sciende project, presidents report then black history report all within 1 week of each other. not to mention the other crap he has to do. I never had homework in 2nd grade.

    I got so pissed when my step mom tried to help him with his math and couldn't do was the volume of a cube......not that I had it fresh on my brain, but its 2nd grade math for christ sake. She closed the book and handed it to me....then proceeded to tell me how wonderful I was. Kiss ass.

    Hang in there girl. I don't work full time like you so I feel worse for you. Hopefully they will take good care of us when we're old. :) Hopefully. :)

  2. Haha with my luck they'll both be working a mcdonalds and I'll be screwed! But my only hope for them is that they just become responsible adults. You never know these days. The one step kid I thought was going to be the good one, turned out to be wrong, but hopefully he can get his butt back on track. The asshole kid turned out to be halfway decent although his attitude sucks ass. Still he keeps himself out of "trouble" unlike the other one. Thanks for the coments, I knew I wasn't the only one going through this crap!