Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Change

OK this time change blows.  Nothing like going to bed late, just to drag my ass out of it earlier.

Friday I went to the movies with my BFF.  We saw Beastly (her choice, not mine)  it was OK for a teeny bopper movie.  During dinner my hubby calls me about buying chicken.  Yes one of those drive by meat sellers caught my hubby in the driveways and saw the sucker sign on his forehead.  So 3 calls of me screaming at him just to buy a box of chicken, and not the fish, because I had no signal where I was, I am now the proud owner of $240.00 and 10 boxes worth of chicken.  Yes I was quite pissed when I got home.  The worst part of it was, was I made the chicken cordon bleu last night for us both to have the shits this morning.  That was worth it!

Saturday, he spent the day going back and forth to the other house getting garage shit.  We have now officially white trashed up the neighborhood!  I think a few dump runs are in the near future!

Sunday the girl had a choir concert.  So I drug my ass to that.  It was OK, a little long though.  They were singing with 4 other choirs and an orchestra.  Although the lady in the front playing the clarinet kept basically giving the instrument a blow job before she began to play was kind of entertaining.  So we got home, and I forgot about the software updates for our IPhones.  A 2 hour update which took 4 on the laptop.  So I didn't get to bed until 10:30 waiting for this damn thing to finish.  Sometimes I think it's not even worth it.

Today I get to work alone since bipolar quit and menopausal is having a colonoscopy.  Yay me I have to close too.  This day SUCKS ass already.

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  1. smile...some one else has 20 boxes of chicken. :)