Saturday, March 26, 2011

A bit interesting!

All right so Thursday, wait let me go back.  Last Saturday mom and I were talking about my dad's family and how we know nothing about them.  My grandpa's dad died when he was 2 and he wasn't close with his mother or siblings, so we didn't know much about them.  Also we have been watching that damn show Who do you think you are too.  So my favorite computer genie at work is really into genealogy.  So we were talking on Thursday about if she could look some stuff up for me and see what she could find.  Anyways,  Friday she started digging and came up with a bunch of stuff.  Like the name of my grandpas dad, pictures of his headstone, marriage registries, and a death certificate.  So from there she managed to find his parents names and his fathers mothers parents.  You with me so far.  Then it kind of came to a halt there.  Then she came across this lady from Florida who referenced his dad, his siblings and parents.  She had a whole tree going back but we couldn't decipher how we were related.  So she asked if she should email her and give her my email address.  So the lady emailed me back this afternoon saying some lady married someone from her family.  Still trying to figure out if this was a sister of his dads or what, but its actually kind of cool that we are distantly related.  So more to come on this mystery, just thought I'd share what Ive got so far.  Not to bad for 1 day of digging.  I want to no so much more now, about my whole family.  I might just have to join myself now.  Lots of fun and interesting facts!

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