Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The flying BBQ!

Here is the story.  2 years ago on my 30th birthday my hubby decides to throw me a party at the park.  He spends way to much time trying to clean up the BBQ to take which makes us late.  I say to him your going to tie that down right?  To which I get the response of I'm not an idiot!  So I say we need to hurry we are going to be late.  He throws everything in the truck and start to make our way to the park.  It was really windy that day, he takes a corner and the BBQ flies out and smashes to bits in the middle of the road (and almost hits the car behind us by the way).  This is how I ended up with a new BBQ for my birthday.

Fast forward to last night.  Which keep in mind my birthday is weeks away.  My day had already been shitty enough.  My car broke a belt in the middle of my errands for work.  Took me pulling over 6 times just to get it home without over heating.  The hubby yells at me that he's in sparks at work and what do I expect him to do?  Uh I dunno, fucko, I'm a chick this is not my area of expertise!  Kids are being total assholes.  So We finally sit down to dinner and the weather has turned rather shitty.  Really bad wind and it's starting to rain.  I get up to get another taco and I sit down, looking out the slider, and I see the BBQ start to roll past the door, to the end of the deck, where it will fall a foot and break.  I start yelling "the BBQ, the BBQ"  jump up and save it right before it hits the edge.  Thank god, cause I really didn't want another BBQ for my birthday this year.  AAAANNNDD  what the hell would I use to cook the 10 boxes of chicken currently taking up all the room in my freezer?

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