Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Bad Hubby

I am still pissed from yesterday.  I got the car insurance bill.  He added the ungrateful, jobless step bastard to my policy.  It went up $100.00 a month.  Are you kidding me?  I am paying for this shit not you.  So I text message him about it.  I get the usual response of I'm at work what do you want me to do.  NOTHING FUCKER.  I'm just telling you so we can discuss this when you get home.  So I roll up to the house and he is looking at my broken car.  We start to get into it, and I am one to just pick my battles with him, but I wasn't letting this one go.  I simply said I can not pay for this every month.  He is suppose to be working and helping out with this.  He was suppose to be paying his phone bill as well, but I have yet to see a dime for over a year.  He is 17, and needs to find a damn JOB!  His response is, I had a bad day at work and I don't want to hear it.  Of course you don't because anything I have to complain about regarding your kid, you never want to hear.  But I couldn't pay you to keep your two cents about my daughter to your self.  So I made dinner and went to my room and watched TV just to get away from him.  I am so pissed.  He says I work, I'm tired.  Yeah well I work a full time job too, I clean the house, make dinner, deal with the asshole kids, laundry, you name it I do it.  You go to work, come home wait for your dinner, then sit your ass on the couch for the rest of the night.  Sorry your life is so fucking tough.  Try walking in my shoes for a couple of days, you would be happy to go back to your life.  So on facebook this morning he posts "If my wife whines about one more thing, I am going to the bar like every other guy".  Don't do me any favors asshole.  Remember we already went through that 6 years ago.  When every night you were at the bar while I was taking care of you kids.  The ones that don't belong to me!


  1. Men suck. I was seriously considering switching teams today. Then I realized that women are way too fucking needy.

  2. Oh!!! I hear you! and agree with Mrs. Hyde. Women are far more maintenance in most aspects.

    Hang in there. When my husband is not traveling he hits the bar....then calls and says "are those kids in bed yet so I can come home". Like they're mine and he had no part in making them. And for the Step daughter I have that lives in Alabama....thanks God she's okay for now. But I took care of her and use to drive from Houston to Lafayette, LA every 1st, 3rd and 5th friday of the month so that she wouldn't miss visits with her dad....and I was 20 and hot.....he was at the bar with friends.....6 hours round trip I did that for 4 years before we moved to we see her maybe once a year. because I'm not driving for 20 hours round trip to exercise visits and her mom won't put her on a plane!

    They would bitch if you hung them with a gold rope!

  3. Your right women are way to fucking needy. No way would I want to deal with the monthly PMS. I already have to deal with his monthly bitching. I think if this one doesnt work out I will be eternaly single.....FOREVER!