Thursday, March 3, 2011


This morning I let the kids walk to school.  Considering it's right across the street, you would think this is no big deal.  Enter my idiot daughter into the equation, and I look like a lunatic!  So I walk them one house down to the corner, watch them cross the street to the crossing guard to cross another street to the school.  Walk back and get in my car to leave.  I stop for the crossing guard and notice my daughter standing across the street on the corner, with this stupid look on her face.  So I start pointing and yelling at her from in my car, across the street to go to school.  Still looking at me with stupid look.  I start screaming and pointing at her, and nothing.  So I roll down my window and yell from across the street, in the car GO TO SCHOOL!  She starts moving slowly, and by this time I need to turn before I get honked at.  And I'm sure all the parents, the crossing guard, and whom ever else was standing in the vicinity was thinking I'm the freak.  I told her to go directly to the office and turn in the change of address forms as soon as she got to school today.  But NOOOO, she had to just stand there.  I don't know if she was waiting for a friend or what but her ass needs to be in the school if she's going to walk.  Her ass will get reamed when she gets home.  If she cant just go to school, her ass will be getting a ride from now on.  Ugh, sometimes, she is so fucking frustrating I just want to ring her neck.  Oh and that look she had, that reminded me of the confused look her dad gets. 

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