Monday, February 28, 2011

Frickity Fracking FUCK!

Huh, well alrighty then.  I obviously got my Internet working....YAY, but one problem, the place I put my computer, where a phone jack was, apparently the phone jack doesn't work.  So I had to get a really long phone cord, drag it across the kitchen, unplug my phone, and plug in the computer for it to work.  Just until I can get the hubby to fix the jack.

Yesterday, we had a day of rest since we finished the move Saturday.  I got everything put away (except for a box or two of unimportant shit I don't need.  So I decided to hit the movies with mom yesterday.  I got home, made a meatloaf, and then all hell broke loose.  I started yelling for the boy to come down to dinner and no response.  So I go up there and he's asleep.  I was like OK, he did say his stomach hurt about an hour ago, and his friend was over this afternoon playing, so maybe he's just tired.  So we sit down to eat and halfway through my meal the boy comes down soaked in puke.  FUCK.  He threw up all over his bed, the bedding I just washed and put on 2 hours prior.  All over the toilet in the bathroom and his clothes.  I thought maybe he played to hard or ate a bunch of crap while I was gone (I did leave him with dad)  So I cleaned him and everything up, blew up his bedroll sleeping bag thing and put him in my bed to watch TV since his mattress was soaked.  Well about 8 I think we all fell asleep, and by 9 I woke up and told the hubby to move him to his bed on the floor.  Right when we moved him he starts dry heaving, so we run him over to the sink where he throws up while asleep, the hubby is holding him up trying to wake him up.  Finally got it cleaned up AGAIN, and we all went to bed.  Repeat this scenario about 3 more times during the night, but he did manage to wake up and get to the bathroom.  It' was a long ass night.  He seems to be feeling better this morning, I got some food into him that hasn't made a comeback yet.  I fell totally shitty for calling in, on a Monday, when we are short handed, but he is more important at the moment.

So moving into this new house has made me feel very happy.  I was so fucking upset about all the shit that has gone on with the other house, but now, I don't know, I'm glad it's over.  I think that this was probably the best thing for us.  Only time will tell, but for now good riddance to the old and welcoming into the new.  A fresh start for us now to move on and hopefully be a lot happier in the long run without all the stress of the house.  It's like the weight is gone for now.  And still the banks can go fuck themselves, and eat shit.  I wish I didn't even need a bank, but unfortunately it's like gas, know matter how much they drive up the price, you will still pay for it because you NEED it.

Well happy Monday all!

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