Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy I will be disappointed again this year day!

Yes it's that time of year again where I will once again be disappointed.  Yes I know, over 10 years I should learn, but every year I get my hopes up into thinking maybe this will be the year!  Every year I am sadly let down.  However, he is taking me out to dinner.  I know it's the thought, but really?  A Mexican restaurant in a casino?  OLE OLE!  If I wanted Mexican food, it better be good and not from some shitty casino.  I will not complain to him though.  I will just sit here and whine to you guys about it.  If I say one word to him, I get NOTHING!  So I will eat my crappy Mexican food and deal with it.  I mean how hard is it to go to the store, buy a ten dollar thing of flowers and call it a day.  That's all I ask!  And I don't think that's much!  Maybe I'll get lucky and it will give me the shits and I can call in tomorrow.

So fucko has been snoring like a freight train this weekend.  It's waking me up in the middle of the night it's so fucking loud.  I can actually hear him through my ear plugs.  I seriously thought about smothering him with a pillow last night.  But, I decided to just kick the crap out of him till he rolled into some position to stop long enough for me to fall back asleep.  He needs his own room, and I need some god damn sleep!  It's really putting me in a mood.

While dropping the kids off at school this morning, I pull up to the round about thing to drop off and the protocol is drop and go, no parking!  The BITCH in front of me is like out of her car giving the kid a pep talk or something, all while I have all but booted my kids out of a moving car to keep the traffic flowing.  I sit there and I'm yelling LADY WTF?  Of course the ass behind me is so far up my ass I cant back up.  She glances at me, starts walking to her car door, turns around and starts walking towards her kid, which has almost made it to the front door of the school.  FUCKING A, are you kidding me?  I yelled lady if you need to park there is a lot over there, if not move your fucking car so I can leave.  I mean Jesus she is parked right next to the f-ing sign that says NO PARKING!  Finally the asshole behind me backed up so I could back up to leave.  FUCKING BITCH, thanks for making this day suck more ass for me!

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