Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This morning I woke up to a freaking blizzard out.  It has been so nice for the last month and a half.  60 degrees, I thought spring had finally sprung!  Guess I was dead wrong.

Let me start with the Valentines day dinner.  Mom picked up the kids so I could go straight home.  We left the house about five to five, got to the place, which was dead.  It kind of made me wonder why he made reservations to begin with?  The menu was small, like one page with 7 things on it, so it wasn't hard making a decision on what to eat.  I had me a sangria, oh my, that was the best drink I had in a long time.  I am really going to start having to make that shit at home for when the kids are getting out of hand.  Anyways back to dinner.  We ordered and it took our food approximately 2 minutes to arrive at our table after we ordered.  I swear the whole dinner lasted exactly 35 minutes.  Then we left.  That was that.  The food was OK, nothing to get excited over, but I gave it a whirl and don't think I'll be back.  And still no flowers to speak of!

Today I decided on a burger for lunch.  So I headed to Jack in the Crack for a Jumbo Jack and a couple of tacos.  Go through the drive through (which I guess was my first mistake) Grab my food and happily eat my fries on the way back to the office.  I pull up and decide to picnic in my car for a few cause I'm starving, pull out my burger and notice I do not have a burger, I have a breakfast sandwich.  Which I don't mind but it's lunch, why would someone be ordering breakfast?  Needless to say my egg sandwich didn't compliment my tacos.  I think that's probably why my stomach is turning at this very moment, but I did eat it.

So I read on MSN that a teacher was fired for her blog.  You know she didn't name names, the school or even use her full name.  I say good for her.  It was probably some form of therapy dealing with all those ungrateful bastards day to day.  Everyone needs an outlet.  Kids suck.  I totally disagree with what happened to her.  But then again I guess that's the price you pay for publicly posting on the web.  I can pretty much guarantee the people around this office would have a stroke if they read some of the shit I post.  Only a few people here read this so I guess I better be nice to them......hahahaha  :)


  1. Aw, say it ain't so. I was just talking to hubby about how we're probably done with snow. It's so nice out right now. I can't even imagine another snow storm.

  2. Well while you were having all that snow back east we here out west were enjoying 60 degree weather for the last month. Now we have a foot of snow on the ground :(