Friday, February 18, 2011

More Snow!

Yay it's been an exciting 4 days of nothing but snow!  I was especially excited this morning about having to drag the trash can through 6 inches of snow to the curb because guess what it's trash day and the hubby didn't shovel this morning.  So in addition to doing that, I shoveled half the driveway as well.  I know half the driveway isn't shit, but I have a big fucking driveway, and didn't have time to finish it before taking the kids to school this morning.  Oh and that's another thing, every school is closed in the vicinity except ours.  I tell you I could have really used a snow day today!

The hubby's snoring.......well let's just say he's lucky he's waking up alive these days.  I am so fucking tired from being up kicking his ass all night to roll the fuck over.  This morning I got to rise at the grand old time of 4:10.  At that point I was trying to go back to sleep but the snoring wasn't stopping and figured what the hell I might as well stay up because the alarm is going to go off any minute now.  I have come to the conclusion I really need my own room.

Yesterday my hairdryer took a shit on me.  Of course right as I start to dry my hair.  A minute into it, it went kaput.  So yay, I was left with sopping wet hair, my flat iron warmed up and no hairdryer.  I threw one of the girls head bands in to keep it out of my face and went to my moms where she was staying the night and half assed dried my hair.  By that time it was half dry anyways so yes I had a really bad hair day.  On the upside, I asked the hubby if he would get me a new one on his way home, and he actually did.  This is probably why I am letting him live at the moment.

So NASCAR is starting back up this week.  I know what your thinking...."redneck"  no I am not, I just like to watch and occasionally go to a race.  Hey after 10 years of being forced to watch something, you tend to get in to it.  Plus when it's on it makes me nap like nobody's business.  I miss my naps.  And My driver has won the duels and the bud shootout.  Go #22!  Lets see if he can go for 3 this Sunday!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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