Friday, April 15, 2011

Long Week!

Oh my holy hell, I am so glad it's Friday!  Sorry I've been away, but I have been super duper busy!  Baseball has started up for the boy, and so far the girl has remained manageable. 

OK lets start with last weekend, my birthday weekend!  YAY 33!  So I wasn't having much of a birthday because of baseball.  So I decided before opening ceremonies, and my mom feeling bad about not doing anything that day, she offered to take me to breakfast.  So I was like OK that sounds good, we'll do it early.  Well the whole family came to my surprise.  But it was nice and I really appreciated it.  And I got my favorite bundt cake just for me!  So blah blah, baseball all day.  My son though was the first one to score and that gave all the kids some much needed confidence.  They all started hitting the ball and scoring.  It was awesome, they creamed the other team, and I was very proud.  I was fucking freezing my ass off but really proud.  So Sunday we went to moms house for lunch/dinner.  Her and my aunt made my grandmas rice balls.  So rice balls, 3 bottles of wine, and more bundt cakes, and it was a party!  My poor hubby though, between me, mom and my two aunts, all drunk well lets just say he had a lot of girl talk.

Well nothing interesting happened this week, just work and typical bullshit.  We did however acquire the step bastard back after 3 weeks of bliss from him being at his moms house.  She got sick of him and told him to go back to our house.  The hubby's like I don't want him back here either, but now were stuck with him for the moment at!  I finally did my taxes on Wednesday.  I have been putting it off cause I owed.  Double boo!  So I nit picked every little possible deduction until I got us into the green.  I didn't care if I got a fucking buck back, it was better then having to pay.  So yay I actually came out $200.00 ahead.  And found this form where you can put settled credit card debit from the 1099 we got.  It basically means we were broke at the time and don't have to put it on our 1040 as income.  So This one stupid little one page form, didn't look that difficult till you read the instructions.  Reading IRS instructions for tax forms is like reading Chinese.  Unless you can read Chinese....good luck.  So I did the best I could, but was a little scared I didn't do it right so I decided to call the IRS.  I know, but really the guy was totally helpful.  And turns out I did fill it out right with the exception of one line.  So I changed it and sent it off.  DONE & DONE!  It's out of my hair now.  Now why they could put on the instructions this wording, cause this is exactly what the guy tells me.  Which box did you check?  I told him, he said put the amount on line 2 and line 10a and your done.  REALLY?  That's it?  Geez that was easy WTF?

Well have a great weekend, and I will try to post more throughout the week in the future....hopefully!

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