Monday, April 6, 2015

Chapter II

A new quarter begins in January and ends in middle March.  Everything gets wiped clean and Princess Bitch Face gets to start all over at 100%.  So the nice Queen that I am decides that she can have her phone during the day and to return it to me just before bedtime as a good faith effort on my part to let her see I am trying to be fair and she should reciprocate the effort in school.  I even make arrangements with my cousin who is a senior in high school to come help her with her math homework whenever she needs it because god knows were to fucking stupid to help her with it, and she doesn't have to sit with Amy Farrah Fowler after school to help do her homework.  I thought this might be a better way to sear it into her tiny brain that she can really do it if she has the right person teaching her.  I have already told her that she is now smarter than me because I haven't a clue how to do anything shes working on.  I went into deer in the headlights mode when I tried You Tubing it in an effort to help.  So after a long couple of months of one day her grades a B, the next and F, the day after that back to a C.  I cant decide if Power School in a good thing or bad because I am driving myself mad with this up and down roller coaster.  Finally, she came out with a 69% on her report card.  I let her have the phone the whole weekend I was so happy she passed.  Enter new quarter, where things get wiped clean and we start all over.  Two weeks in and wouldn't you know it, shes got a mother fucking F.  Guess what?  I waved my magic wand, and POOF!  Phone be gone.  She now has to do chores to gain an hour of phone use till her grade comes up.  It's been kinda nice breaking the phone addiction.  I at least see her more these days, which I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.  I am trying to get her involved in something other than sitting on her ass in her PJ's, so she's trying out for the swim team this afternoon.  Fingers Crossed.

Chapter III will cover my husbands mid life crisis, so stay tuned!

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