Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nothing Exciting

It's been 3 weeks since Princess bitch face started with the swim team and she has already qualified for a swim meet.  Now if she actually put this much effort into her math grade she would have a fucking A in that class.  The struggle continues.

Last weekend was the first weekend we actually got to do nothing.  I sat my white ass outside and got some sun while I watched my tint his tail lights and headlights.  He has now drained half our savings buying shit for his car.  I thought getting a new car vs. and old one would be cheaper in the long run.  SURPRISE!  It is not.  Hopefully Mr. spending spree is done for awhile because I don't think my bank account can handle anymore.

We have started discussing possibly looking to buy another house.  Yes where we live is uber convenient (next door to my mom) however, I think that it might be nice to have a little more space.  Just talking about it for now and slightly looking.  I am really in no hurry to move anytime soon.  If something happened to fall in my lap like this house did, then I would seriously consider it.  We shall see.

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