Tuesday, April 28, 2015


So I signed up with this website to try some free crap and give them my opinion on it.  I got my box yesterday and there was actually some really cool stuff in there.  Granted I have had to jump through hoops to try and get these reviews posted with pictures and hash tags and a blood sample.  And I am still trying to figure out how I'm going to post on You Tube, because I certainty dont want to watch me give a review, but it's for free shit so I guess.  Maybe I can get my 11 year old to set that shit up for me because I am slightly computer illiterate.   Now I have to blog about some stuff.

First I will tell you about all the cool crap I got.  Dove chocolate covered blueberries.  I ate the whole bag in a matter of minutes. Don't judge me!  I got a Mascara from Rimmel the Kate Spade collection.  Other than the weird shaped brush, It didn't clump at all and I really liked it.  It also came with a Rimmel lipstick from the Kate Spade collection.  Other than the color looking hideous on me I guess it was nice.  I gave it to my daughter because the color suited her better and she really liked it.  Sally Hanson had some leg makeup in there.  If your in need of a quicky tan, this stuff is what you need.  It's like foundation for your legs.  I even ended up with a color one shade darker than I would have liked but it actually looked nice when I used it.  Last but not least was the Eco Tools Matte finish brush.  Its so soft, It's like putting on your makeup with a bunny rabbit.  There was also some coupons for Wine of the month club where you get a free bottle and also for the Eco Tools brushes and the Sally Hansen.  #Spring4Wine with Club W, #BellaVoxBox #NYMdjvd  #contest.

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