Friday, April 17, 2015

The Mid Life Crisis

My birthday weekend started off with a half day of work on Thursday followed by a lovely dinner at Itchibans with the family.

Friday I got up early and took my ass to Kohls to spend the gift cards I got for my birthday.  I walked around that damn store for an hour and a half and couldn't find shit to buy.  I couldn't even find a pair of undies I wanted to buy.  Well that was a bust, and a little depressing. :(  My day got better when my cousin and I went on a sushi lunch date for our birthdays.  His is 4 days before mine, and we always celebrate by doing our yearly sushi date.

So on to my husbands mid life crisis. 
Yes he bought a Camaro.  Stupid me, I let him.  Here is the story behind the car.  He's been eyeballing these for some time now.  He said I want to buy one whether it be an old one or new one.  I'm like sure dear, whatever you want knowing full well that it was never going to happen and he was just talking out his ass.  One day we decided to buy a new dining room table that had 8 counter height chairs because we also needed bar stools and thought we would do 4 & 4.  We made an appointment at the furniture factory in Reno on a Saturday afternoon.  I had an early appointment to get my oil changed as well, so we dropped off my car, took up the truck to buy my new table and chairs, but we were really early so he says "lets stop buy the Chevy dealer to look at that car."  OK, we got like an hour and a half to kill.  Long story short, we missed our furniture appointment and brought home a new car.  Here's why I said yes.  First off he works his ass off and makes great money, we can afford it, and who am I to say NO.  Second, this is his dream car.  Third, the look on his face was this. I shit you not

So here we are a couple months later and he gets hooked up with a Camaro Club

Which has been a lot of fun and we have met some really cool people. Also last week he took the car to race on a road course.  So he did the driver school on Saturday and Sunday I went out to watch the actual time trial races.  Come to find out you can ride shotgun during the race so I borrowed a helmet and went with.  Scarred the shit out of me, but it was fun.  He came in 4th in his class.  Next week we are going to drag race the sucker.  

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