Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Day!

I did not wake up in a good mood today at all. Mainly because today was the day I was suppose to be off the rest of the week and I’m stuck here at work. Oh well next weekend it is, 80 degrees and lots of sunshine. I think it’s what I need to get me out of this funk I’m in. I blew off the gym last night simply because I really wasn’t in the mood, and put on my jammies and watched some of my shows I had recorded. I am a reality show junkie, and have sucked my Husband into my evil ways :) haha. I love my Husband most of the time, and I know he means well but FUCK, this morning when I HAD to get up 10 minutes late of course, he’s like lets cuddle, I’m like get off me. I just want to lay here with my coffee, watch the news and not have to talk, so SHUT THE HELL UP! I really hate when he doesn't go to work, it totally screws up my morning routine.

Last night I get home and this is like 2 days in a row this has happened so now I’m irritated, I took out chicken for dinner, getting ready to cook it after I relax for like 10 minutes from just walking into the house when the Step-bastard comes home and is like when’s dinner? I’m hungry, I’m making a sandwich. Then after his sandwich, like half an hour later dinner was ready and he eats that too. WHAT THE FUCK? Do I look like a restaurant here? Could we possibly eat more food then necessary......Please go ahead eat your sandwich so there's NO bread tomorrow when I need to eat lunch, or lunch meat, or cheese because your FAT ASS cant wait half an hour for dinner. I hope you chock on that chicken you ASS FACE.
I really hope the rest of the day goes better then my morning has so far.  (sigh)

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