Friday, May 21, 2010

Cluster FUCK

So that is 2 hours i will never get back from my life......and I really want it back!
Went to my Daughters dance rehearsal, what a nightmare. Really un organized, basiclly we got there she did her thing which EVERYONE needed about another MONTH of practice, and then proceeded to sit there for the next 2 hours watching kids I dont care about fuck up their routines. I finally couldnt take it anymore and left. And she only got through the morning program, ours is at night. If your gonna put on a show and actually charge people to see it, then make damn sure these kids know the routine. But what do I know. Appearently NOTHING! Oh and there is this REALLY irratating kid clapping as loud as he could in the most inappropriate times during their practice, really made me want to smack him. And getting my daughter to actually sit the hell down was another chore. I actually had a hanger in my hand that her tutu was on telling her to sit down, and all I could think of was dont make me go all mommy dearest on your ass SIT DOWN......NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!! HAHAHA. Well hoepfully tomorrow they will have their shit together, we shall see! Oh and sorry for the mis spellings my spell checker isnt working.....POS!

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