Friday, May 21, 2010

It's like the wizard of oz out there!

The weather is CRAP today! Which makes me more in a bad mood. Actually my day started off pretty ok, until I had to do my daughters hair. I went to my grandmas to pick her up for school cause she stayed the night last night and of course dress rehearsal is also tonight so I had to go put it up so my grandma can curl it when she gets home from school. I am half tempted at the moment just to shave her head and save us both the argument. Anyways after bushing it with the bush that made it staticy, I used the comb to wet it down and put it up. oooowwwww.....oooowwww....stop.....your hurting me, set me off. Have you ever wanted to beat you daughter with a brush? The thought has crossed my mind more than once. Her idea of doing her hair is throwing a headband in without brushing it and off to school. NNNOOOO not in my house your not. So long story short hair got done went out to the car to leave for school and she tries to rip the door handle off because the car is locked. WTF is wrong with that girl, I think I need to beat her....(although I wouldn't), But I want to. AAAAHHH she drives me nuts. I just cant wait till she starts her period that ought to be a blast. I'm sending her to live with her dad.

On to a minion update. Ok I finally came up with minion 1's name. After this morning it sealed the deal. She will now be known as bipolar minion! Bipolar minion started off first thing this morning. I'm here but I'm not here she says to me......HUH what the fuck does that mean? Here is my definition: I am a little early so I am here but not....get it? Now her definition: I don't feel good, my ears are clogged and I'm dizzy, so I'm here but I'm not. Well I guess I can count on you calling in sick for the next week. Good thing you worked that 1/2 hour of overtime that you bitched about yesterday for when you paycheck gets docked AGAIN. Now on to menopausal minion, so far I only got a huffy good morning and that was more like I'm here and I'm having one of my.....I'll just refer to it as one of her spells. I was half tempted to ask her if she forgot her hormone pills this morning but I really didn't feel like getting my head ripped off and pea soup thrown up on me.

On a good note I tricked my Husband into getting me dinner last night so I didnt have to cook.......aaaahhhh, I figure I can get him to do just about anything if I offer him sex. Maybe I CAN get that trailer toilet cleaned after all :) And the good thing about this little trick is if I wait long enough, he will be to tired to collect. I do know however this will in fact blow the fuck up in my face one day soon, but till then I'm riding the gravy train till the funs over!


  1. Hahahha...she got tender head!! Only way to fix that is ...more hair styling!! :P Love me the Bipolar Minions!! :)

  2. it's me Rob!!! :P