Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally back to my morning coffee.

The Hubby finally went to work today......Praise the lord.  I had my nice quiet time watching the news and having my coffee.  I am in such a better mood this morning.

Tonight is the night my Husband coaches my sons baseball team.  This ought to be interesting.  The day is shitty, cloudy and sprinkles, and I'm wondering how do I get a hold of the rest of the team if it's raining and it gets called off. 

Finally got my ass back to the gym last night, after being lazy on Tuesday.  I felt better after my workout, and nothing beats being 4 sizes smaller.   Sometimes when the house is chaos I look forward to dumping the screaming children on my Husband.  HAHA you bastard, serves you right for dumping your evil kids on me while you went to the bar after work every Wednesday a few years back.  Payback is a bitch isn't it!

So the great camping debate is still going on in my household.  Should we go tomorrow night or not.  I finally said forget it, we will just go next weekend, his argument is all our friends cant go next weekend and we will be camping alone.  Who cares it will be nice and drama free.  We usually camp with a big group in the beginning of the year and then he gets all pissed and says we are never camping with them again because of all the crap that usually happens.  The weather will be nicer next weekend anyways.  I told him I think we need to get new friends, cause the ones we have that we camp with arnt working out.

And hey on a funny note our state has made national news due to another crackpot politition.  "Chicken suites banned from Nevada polls".  Yes folks thats the way we roll here in bumfuck Nevada!  Cluck Cluck!

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