Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Husband is a big fat cry baby!

First things first.  My Daughters presentation was excruciatingly LONG!  After each kid went up they had a chance to ask questions to the presenter.  I swear if these kids were paying attention they would have answered the question.  "where did you grow up"? "how old were you when you died"? "how many brothers and sisters did you have"?  OMG!  Shut up and MOVE ON.  2 full hours of this and of course my Daughter went LAST!  I was starving and could hear my stomach rumbling while the kids were talking.  A couple of the kids I couldn't even understand......put these kids in speech class for Christ sakes, it was like listening to someone talking with their mouths full.  She did really well though and I am proud of her.  She was the only kid that actually memorized her speech.

Went to the lake yesterday.  It was nice, ran the boat around a little bit.  I finally got some sun on my white ass.  I was super tired when we got home yesterday and fell asleep at 8.  And I did get to sleep in this morning which was a bonus.

Went to the movies with my mom this afternoon.  Saw Sex and the City.  It was not bad, but would have been a better rental.  Then my mom invited us to a bbq at her house tonight and that's when all hell broke loose.  My IDIOT Husband needs a reality check.  We started getting ready about 15 minutes before 5 (The time we were suppose to be there)  When the step kid aka dickhead decides he want to go camping with his friends.  It's fucking 5 you couldn't have decided this like this afternoon?  So I helped my Husband aka cry baby get out the tent and a few things out for him so we could leave but then dickhead shows up, so it's 20 minutes waiting in the car for him to go.  Cry baby gives him the bbq (keep in mind this kid breaks everything he touches) so I don't expect that to work next week when we try to use it while we are camping.  Then the kid sees the beer bong in the trailer and says oh can we have that?  And he actually gave it to him.....16 years old.  Finally we were on our way to my moms and I'm like I cant believe you actually did the fight erupts.  I basically called him a bad dad and he got bent (well that's kind of bullshit and not being a responsible parent, I mean do it behind your parents back like the rest of us) got all pissed dropped me off and my son is like Daddy where are you going I'm all daddy's a crybaby and he's going home.  He responds with a fuck you and I say fuck you to go cry at home BIATCH, then went in side.  Asshole I had more fun without him.  So now 3 hours later I come home get ready to go watch some TV in the bedroom cause I'm still pissed and that fucker sees what I'm doing and go's back there and steals the TV......Whatever now I can blog about you and your whinny ass, when I was going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Thank god he's working tomorrow cause I don't think I could stand being home all day with him.  Hopefully he'll be over it before he comes home.

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